[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Fox News Makes Decision to Bar Trump Surrogates From GOP Debate’s ‘Spin Room’ After Trump Announces Intention to Not Attend

After former President Donald Trump declared over the weekend that he would not be participating, Fox News has taken action to prevent his supporters from attending the Republican Party primary debate in Milwaukee on Wednesday according to a new report from Axios.

According to a Fox News document, the network informed the Trump campaign on Monday that access to the debate “spin room,” where prominent supporters of candidates promote their choices and criticize rivals, would henceforth only be available to “participating candidates/campaigns.”

The network would not let other campaigns that didn’t meet the requirements use their surrogates either.

Even though a significant Iowa survey released this week suggested that the race may be much tighter in the crucial primary state, the 77-year-old former president stated over the weekend that the findings of a CBS News GOP primary poll demonstrated that the primary was over and that he did not need to debate.

Instead, the former president filmed a previously unaired interview with Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News personality, which will be broadcast online around the time of the debate.

Regardless of whatever transpires on Wednesday evening, Trump will be dominate news coverage on Thursday when he turns himself in to Georgia police to face charges for his alleged attempts to rig the 2020 election.

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