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Fox Host Steve Doocy Claims Trump ‘Helping’ Biden by Not Attending GOP Debates

Co-host of Fox & Friends Steve Doocy reportedly made the suggestion on Monday that former President Donald Trump may be aiding President Joe Biden by forgoing the GOP Primary debates.

Trump declared on social media on Friday that he would not take part in the Fox News debate on Wednesday, the first GOP Primary debate before the 2024 election.

He stated he would be skipping all debates on Sunday, citing his massive lead in the primary polls.

“By skipping the debates, though, Donald Trump may actually be helping Joe Biden because he’s giving Joe Biden an excuse for not debating Donald Trump. That’s one of the things that Ronna McDaniel told the former president when she was trying to get him to do the first debate. But he said, nope, not going to do it.” Doocy stated.

“I don’t know how that would be, though. How could Joe Biden rationalize not going to get saved?” Kilmeade asked in response.

“Because if Donald Trump says everybody knows me, I don’t need to do it, then Joe Biden does. Everybody knows me,” Doocy responded.

“I have an excuse not to go!” from the perspective of Joe Biden, Earhardt added.

“I mean, if he does want to do the debate, I could totally understand it because he can’t get through a sentence. If you watched him over the weekend, just slur his way through that mini summit and who knows what’s going to happen in Hawaii. Right.” Kilmeade concluded.

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