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Trump Turns on ‘Fox and Friends’ Over Unfavorable Recent Coverage

On Thursday, the former president Trump reportedly criticized Fox News and its leading morning news program for how it has been covering him.

The manner the network was depicting the former president’s physical appearance was another point of contention.

“Why doesn’t Fox and Friends show all of the Polls where I am beating Biden, by a lot. They just won’t do it! Also, they purposely show the absolutely worst pictures of me, especially the big “orange” one with my chin pulled way back. They think they are getting away with something, they’re not. Just like 2016 all over again…And then they want me to debate!” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform.

Trump has been complaining about the network for months, claiming that Fox has not been covering him favorably enough and that it is supporting his political adversaries.

“Wow!!! So while Trump Hating CNN & MSNBC (MSDNC!) RATINGS are both at record lows, numbers that they have never seen before (“they’re toast”), Fox News Ratings are also way down because they never say “Trump” or TRUTH, never talk about the Rigged Presidential Election, and is a Fake Polling Network. Our giant MAGA base, much bigger than anyone knows, does not like watching Fox play their games. Their Ratings will continue to sink. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post from December 31, 2022.

The first GOP debate will be held on Fox next week, but Trump hasn’t said if he’ll attend because of his significant lead in the majority of GOP primary surveys and his alleged “hostile” relationship with the network.

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