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Fox News Hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade Clash Over Alleged Biden ‘Smoking Gun’

On Thursday, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade reportedly got into a heated argument on whether or not Congressional Republicans can show that President Joe Biden broke the law.

Doocy has been more circumspect than other Biden detractors during the inquiry into Hunter Biden’s business transactions, consistently insisting that Republicans provide facts and proof to support allegations of criminal activity.

“With all due respect, the Republicans need better investors because they have a lot of circumstantial evidence, but they have not shown that Joe Biden profited personally, or he had broken any rules.” Doocy noted as the discussion began.

“They’re doing great. I vehemently disagree.” Kilmeade shot back as things began to become heated between them.

 “No, no. Let me finish.” Kilmeade said.

“Let me finish! I started.” Doocy replied

“This is funneling right to him at a rapid pace. They have had this job for eight months.” Kilmeade replied.

“What’s funneling into him?” Doocy responded.

“Everything! Is Joe involved? Is Joe’s presence involved in every major business deal that Hunter was involved in? As Andy McCarthy said, Joe was the business. He had the access. Hunter didn’t. Hunter didn’t have the reputation. It’s leading right there.” Kilmeade responded.

“Brian, what laws did Joe Biden break?” Doocy asked

“If the American people knew.” Kilmeade began

“Just answer the question. What law did he break?” Doocy asked once again.

“Number one, the investigation is not done.” Kilmeade stated.

“That’s my point! Brian. They need better investigators.” Doocy replied.

” Do not want to hear any reporting until it’s done?” Kilmeade responded.

Doocy and Kilmeade have previously disagreed about the issue on air, something that is unlikely to cease as the House investigation continues to pick up steam.

The debate was finally stopped by Ainsley Earhardt’s intervention.

However, Doocy persisted in applying the brakes to his co-hosts’ eagerness to accuse Biden crimes related to the probe throughout the entire segment.

Only time will tell if the House probe into the matter is able to uncover actual evidence that Biden definitively broke the law.

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