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Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein, Age 90, Surrenders Power of Attorney to Daughter but Refuses to Resign

Even though she is still serving in Congress at the age of 90, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein has now reportedly given her daughter power of attorney, according to a report.

After health issues prevented the Democratic senator from visiting the Capitol for many months earlier this year, she received demands for her resignation.

She is the oldest member of Congress.

She has seemed sickly and had a lot of public mental errors after moving back to Washington, DC.

In order to assist with the legal disputes surrounding the estate of her late husband Richard Blum, Feinstein granted power of attorney to her daughter Katherine Feinstein, age 66.

According to the newspaper, Katherine, Feinstein’s only child, is at conflict with Blum’s three daughters about who should inherit a lavish beach mansion that Feinstein owns.

Feinstein, who has served as California’s representative for more than 30 years, declared earlier this year that she will not run for office again in 2024.

Her mental acuity has dramatically decreased, according to many longstanding coworkers who leaked the information to the media.

During a Senate Appropriations Committee meeting last week, the former mayor of San Francisco needed to be reminded multiple times to vote “aye” when it was her turn to do so.

The plan would have authorized $831.781 billion for defense spending.

For a brief period in February, Feinstein underwent hospitalization for shingles-related issues.

She was sent back to her house in San Francisco, where she spent the following two months recuperating.

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