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REPORT: Hunter’s Former Business Partner to Make Damning Testimony About Joe Biden

Hunter Biden’s former best friend, who was also a director of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, is reportedly going to directly contradict the Biden family story by claiming that Hunter put his father on the phone about two dozen times while Hunter spoke to his foreign business partners or investors.

Joe Biden has asserted time and time again that he didn’t talk to his son about Hunter’s international business transactions.

48-year-old Devon Archer will appear before the House Oversight Committee and is likely to claim that the calls took place while he was present.

A close friend of Archer’s also said that Archer is testifying out of a sense of responsibility to his “civic duty.”

Since it was learned that Archer would testify, there have allegedly been threats against his family, including murder, and instructions to “keep your mouth shut.”

One of the meetings Archer will talk about took place on December 4, 2015, when Archer and Hunter Biden reportedly had dinner with the Burisma board in Dubai before being contacted by a senior Burisma executive named Vadym Pozharskyi at a different hotel and telling them that Mykola Zlochevsky, the company’s owner, needed to get in touch with Hunter Biden.

Prior to the phone call, in a speech denouncing corruption in Odessa in September 2015, U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt singled out Zlochevsky.

According to emails found on Hunter’s laptop, the Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokin was looking into Burisma, which prompted Pozharskyi to put pressure on Hunter.

In one email from November 2015, Pozharskyi demanded that Hunter Biden and Archer use their positions of power to “close down” the probe into Burisma.

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