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Top DEA Official Resigns After Links to Big Pharma Revealed

After information surfaced that a key official at the Drug Enforcement Administration had reportedly previously worked as a consultant for the pharmaceutical sector, he resigned from his position.

Louis Milione, who was appointed in August 2021 to the agency’s second-highest position, principal deputy administrator, reportedly resigned after the Associated Press revealed that Milione had previously provided consulting services to a number of major pharmaceutical firms, including the now-defunct Purdue Pharma, which was accused of aiding in the spread of the opioid crisis.

Before switching to the private sector, Milione previously worked for the DEA from 1997 until 2017.

After being sued by Oklahoma and Ohio for their marketing of the addictive opioid OxyContin, Purdue Pharma hired him to consult for them at a rate of $600 per hour.

Giving evidence for medication distributor Morris & Dickson, a business that came under fire when a judge suggested it should lose its license to transport opioids, was one of the other jobs I had in the pharmaceutical sector.

It took the DEA four years to act on the advice.

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