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Shadowy Investor Group Purchases Large Tract of Land Next to Important U.S. Air force Base

While looking into roughly $1 billion in enigmatic property purchases near a significant Air Force facility in California for eight months, the Air Force has reportedly been unable to identify the people behind the deal.

Nearly 52,000 acres of agricultural property in California, including regions close to Travis Air Force Base, have been devoured by a mystery organization known as Flannery Associates, raising suspicions of foreign involvement and prompting an investigation by the Air Force’s Foreign Investment Risk Review Office.

Despite Flannery’s claims that it is mostly owned by Americans and that the remaining 3% of its invested cash comes from Ireland and Britain, local authorities, legislators, and federal agencies continue to look into the shadowy business.

According to the publication, who cited county authorities and public documents, Flannery has grown to be Solano County’s greatest landowner over the past five years.

Garamendi has urged the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to launch an investigation into the property acquisitions together with Democratic California Rep. Mike Thompson, whose district is also involved.

According to the WSJ, the majority of the sites Flannery claimed ownership of are in agriculturally designated unincorporated areas of Solano county and feature wind turbines.

At least 20 are located around Travis AFB, also known as the “Gateway to the Pacific” and the location of a unit that is crucial to facilitating international U.S. military transit.

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