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Host of ABC News Reacts With Shock After Seeing New Poll, Post-Indictment Showing Biden and Trump Neck and Neck

A new survey released following the indictment of former President Donald Trump reportedly now shows him trailing President Joe Biden in a prospective rematch in the 2024 election, and ABC’s Jonathan Karl looked astonished by the results on Sunday.

According to the Quinnipiac survey issued on Wednesday, Biden has a 48% to 44% edge against Trump.

“A poll from Quinnipiac on a [a] possible Biden/Trump matchup puts Biden at 48%, Trump at 44%. This is a poll, again, taken largely after the indictment. I mean, that’s going to make you – that’s within the margin of error. That’s a statistical tie,” Karl said.

“What does that say about Biden if he’s barely beating” Karl then asked the panelists on ‘This Week.’

Larry Hogan, a former Republican governor of Maryland, noted in response that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump had low approval ratings and that the majority of the country did not want either candidate to run for reelection.

Following the indictment, a different survey was done, and the results revealed that over half of the populace supports the allegations against Trump and that 47% believe they are politically motivated.

In federal court on Tuesday, Trump entered a not guilty plea to 37 felony charges that were the subject of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s inquiry into the alleged unlawful retention of secret documents at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

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