[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Jim Jordan Threatens to Enforce Subpoena Against Stanford University

Stanford University has reportedly been warned by a House committee looking into how social media corporations censored expression.

Jim Jordan (R-OH), the Judiciary Committee’s chairman informed a lawyer for Stanford that the institution now has until June 14 to comply in a letter dated on Thursday.

The GOP-led panel has a range of tools at its disposal, including civil enforcement, criminal contempt of Congress, and “inherent contempt.”

Republicans expressed worries about Big Tech censorship after learning about the projects of the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO), which was established in 2019.

The chairman’s subpoena also requests correspondence between SIO and the Executive Branch pertaining to content moderation from January 2020 and records concerning grants, contracts, and federal funding from January 2015 as well.

“Public and non-public information obtained by the Committee confirms that large social media companies moderated content based upon these tickets and other information shared by Stanford personnel,” Jordan said.

According to the Stanford program’s website, the only government funding it has ever received is a five-year, $748,437 grant from the National Science Foundation.

However, the program made sure to emphasize that no government funds were ever used to research the 2020 election or to support the official who is focused on the COVID vaccine.

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