[Photo Credit: by Edward Kimmel from Takoma Park, MD]

Republican City Council Member Arrested for Crack

A Rhode Island city councilman is reportedly being asked to resign after he was apprehended on Monday for being passed out and “choking” while wielding a crack pipe.

Matthew Reilly, a member of the Cranston City Council, was apprehended following his discovery by authorities around noon.

The 41-year-old Riley was shaken awake by an officer.

The councilman denied that he was in possession of narcotics, but he admitted to the officer that he had inhaled prior to heading to work.

During a search of the vehicle, crack cocaine was discovered in the center compartment, and Reilly admitted to relapsing after 13 years of abstinence.

The car’s driver’s seat was covered in white residue, and officers in the video remark a smoldering odor.

According to the report, the discovered crack tested positive for fentanyl, and a white residue coated the driver’s seat.

Reilly is charged with illegal possession of crack cocaine and fentanyl and will be arraigned on June 15.

Reilly has resigned as chairman of the Cranston Republican Party at Mayor Kenneth J. Hopkins’ request.

Following his detention, Reilly has abdicated his political responsibilities.

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