[Richie Diesterheft from Chicago, IL, USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

Miller Lite To Bud Light: Hold My Beer

Miller Lite has watched what has happened in the aftermath of Bud Light’s woke advertising and decided that they too should show how out of touch with their customer base they are. 

Did you ever watch an older Miller Light ad with beautiful women at the beach wearing bikinis and drinking beer? Did you ever see an older ad with an attractive woman at the bar ordering a Miller and not immediately feel bad that the model ordering a beer that tastes like water was being sexualized?

 The beer brand has one request of you: repent.

Newsweek reports that in the Miller Lite commercial, Glazer confronted Miller Lite’s past advertisements, which have faced criticism for the sexualization of women. She said the company is “working to clean up the whole beer industry’s s***” while highlighting the company’s efforts to purchase old marketing material to turn it into compost to be sent to women brewers.

‘From Mesopotamia to the Middle Ages to Colonial America, women were the ones doing the brewing,” Glazer said. “Centuries later, how did the industry pay homage to the founding mothers of beer? They put us in bikinis. Wow.’

However, conservatives took issue with the commercial’s message, which was first posted to YouTube on March 7. Several high-profile right-wing influencers took to Twitter to air their grievances with the ad, causing the company to trend on Twitter on Monday afternoon.

Miller’s woke advertisement is coming back to light at a time in which regular people have grown tired of the constant bombarding of wokeness coming from major brands that seem intent to ram it down the public’s throat. 

“Amid ongoing consumer backlash to the Dylan Mulvaney marketing campaign, Bud Light’s dollar share for the latest week lost almost the same amount as competitors like Miller Lite and Coors Light gained,” according to Fox News.

“Data compiled for the week showed Coors Light and Miller Lite’s dollar share went up 3.5% and 3.1% respectively, suggesting Bud Light’s losses in dollar share resulted directly from consumer recoil rather than a lapse in beer demand, the report continued.”

Over the same period, Coors Light cases went up 10.6% and Miller Lite jumped 11.5%.

Meanwhile, Bud Light cases have fallen 6.7% year-to-date, 10.7% for the week ending on April 8, and more than 21% for the week ending on April 15.”

As another American beermakers goes full woke, some have been left scratching their head looking for a beer company that will just let them enjoy a cold one in peace: