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Biden White House Tries to Prevent New York Post From Attending Event As Hunter Biden Investigation Continues

As investigations and potential charges against Hunter Biden loom, the New York Post was reportedly prohibited by the White House from attending a midday event on Monday.

The Post broke the story on the younger Biden’s laptop, which was left inside a Delaware repair shop and contained documents and receipts pertaining to his international business dealings in China and the Ukraine.

President Joe Biden and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg made an announcement on plans for airline firms to reimburse passengers who were stuck due to flight delays or cancellations for food and lodging costs.

Nearly 20 seats in the South Court Auditorium, which offers some of the closest proximity to Biden, were unoccupied throughout the event because the White House had restricted press access.

The president’s son is reportedly breaking tax and gun regulations, and federal officials are looking into the matter. The Department of Justice may file charges against him.

He has been the subject of an inquiry into the claims since 2018.

Investigators discovered six other Biden family members were involved in questionable transactions connected to Hunter, according to a statement made on April 17 by Republican Kentucky Rep. James Comer.

Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, a Republican, sent a letter to the FBI on Wednesday requesting details about a purported FBI dossier that allegedly accused then-Vice President Biden of accepting bribes.

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