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The Next Bud Light? Woman’s Clothing Store Blasted By Its Customers

The next Bud Light-style boycott where customers are turned off by Marketing Majors Gone Wild might be happening for an unlikely business. The chic womanswear store did not get the reaction it expected when it featured a social media post in which a man was shown “modeling” the store’s clothing. 

Some women have grown tired of seeing biological men invading their space. 

Evie Magazine writes, “In recent years, transgender ideology has become increasingly prevalent in American society, leading to controversial decisions such as biological men participating in women’s sports and being featured in women’s beauty campaigns. Most women are opposed to this trend and support efforts to protect same-sex spaces. One example of the impact of transgender ideology on sports is the case of Lia Thomas, a male swimmer who “transitioned” to compete on the women’s team at the University of Pennsylvania. While Thomas identifies as a woman, it’s clear that allowing men like Thomas to compete against women is unfair and puts female athletes at a disadvantage.

Another area where transgender ideology has taken hold is the beauty industry, where companies, such as Estee Lauder, have begun featuring biological men in women’s makeup and beauty campaigns. While some claim that this is a positive step toward inclusivity, most are concerned about the impact on women’s self-esteem and the erasure of the female experience. Anthropologie is the latest to fall in line with gender ideology, even if it means losing female customers, who are meant to be their base.

Anthropologie is a popular fashion brand that originated in 1992 with a single store in Wayne, Pennsylvania. The brand quickly gained popularity for its bohemian-chic aesthetic and unique, vintage-inspired clothing. They have since expanded to over 200 stores across North America, Europe, and Asia, and have become known for an eclectic mix of clothing, accessories, and home decor.

On Wednesday, Anthropologie posted a reel on Instagram featuring a tall man with a shaved haircut who was dancing while trying on a variety of women’s clothing. He started with a pair of light-wash jeans and black tank top, then changed into a few different pink or red dresses. The man’s genitals were bulging out of his small underwear as he danced and the skirt flew up. Within minutes, the comment section was full of backlash. Many women criticized the brand for promoting a gender-neutral agenda while they sell clothes for women, and others felt that the use of a male model was simply a publicity stunt to fit in with the progressive agenda.

The, quite frankly bizarre, post can be seen below. 

The post read: “To quote @theharperwatters, ‘Never anthro-pologize for being fabulous! Loving these #UnexpectedAndUnforgettable looks.’ (Obviously, we couldn’t agree more!) Twirl to the link in bio to shop bold, beautiful dresses for every solo.”

Anthropologie customers took to the comment section to inform the women’s clothing brand that they are not interested in seeing men dance in dresses.

The company then disabled comments for the post, so customers took to the comment sections of other posts to continue slamming the brand, Breitbart reported

“So you hired the patriarchy to sell women’s clothing then turned the comments off when we all weren’t jumping up & down in pigtails like Dylan Mulvaney over it? ITS DONE. STOP ERASING WOMEN. Fire the art director & marketing team. Save yourselves.

“Seriously? I don’t want to see a man’s bulge as he’s twirling in a dress,” one Instagram user wrote. “This is not the way to go Anthropologie. Looks like my recent purchases are going back to the store.”

“Later Antho. You should’ve learned from Budweiser,” another commented.

“Taking bets on how many times [Anthropologie] can silence women in one evening… First with the ad, and next disabling comments,” another said. “You may not hear us, but we’ve certainly gotten your message loud and clear.”

“A man wearing a dress and modeling your brand is a mockery to women.”

Breitbart continued by noting that “Anthropologie is not the only women’s clothing company to recently abandon its “women only” branding by featuring males modeling its attire.

Last month, luxury lingerie brand Honey Birdette, which once prided itself on having high-end products “by women, for women,” changed its slogan to “a luxury brand for all” and posted an ad featuring a male clad in a bra and panties.”

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