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Susan Rice Reportedly Stepping Down From Post as Biden Domestic Policy Advisor

The White House announced on Monday that Susan Rice is leaving her position as President Biden’s domestic policy advisor.

The decision ends Rice’s long, varied, and occasionally contentious stint managing Biden’s domestic agenda, which included some of the most challenging political topics like immigration reform.

Biden has signed executive and legislative moves on health care, gun safety, student loans, policing, and other important Democratic issues during her more than two years in the position.

Rice will reportedly be leaving the White House on May 26.

Rice’s replacement will allegedly be chosen by Biden through a process that includes both insiders and outsiders to the White House.

With experience in foreign policy positions throughout the Obama and Clinton administrations, Rice, who was on Biden’s short list for vice president, came into the position with no history in domestic affairs.

During the start of President Barack Obama’s second term, Rice served as U.N. ambassador before transitioning into the position of national security advisor. From the beginning of the Biden administration, Rice has served as the head of the White House Domestic Policy Council.

The decision was made at a time when the White House is under fire for how it handled immigrant children who crossed the Southern border.

“As the only person to serve as both National Security Advisor and Domestic Policy Advisor, Susan’s record of public service makes history. But what sets her apart as a leader and colleague is the seriousness with which she takes her role and the urgency and tenacity she brings, her bias towards action and results, and the integrity, humility and humor with which she does this work.” President Joe Biden said in a statement concerning the departure.

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