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FBI Reportedly Trying to Block Release of Transgender Mass Shooter’s Manifesto

Despite mounting criticism, investigators are reportedly continuing to obstruct the release a motive or any of the papers taken from the house of transgender suspect Audrey Hale, who murdered six people at the city’s Covenant elementary school before being shot by police.

Agencies including the FBI, now consider much of Hale’s manifesto to be simply too dangerous to ever release to the public.

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tennessee, claimed to the New York Post that the FBI was responsible for the holdup and demanded that the materials be made available to Congress and the bereaved family members.

Nashville Council member Courtney Johnston reportedly said that the FBI had ruled the manifesto could never be released in its entirely do its incredibly inflammatory nature.

“What I was told is, her manifesto was a blueprint on total destruction, and it was so, so detailed at the level of what she had planned” she said.

According to a search request, authorities discovered two autobiographies, five Covenant School yearbooks, seven smartphones, twenty notebooks, five computers, a suicide note, and many other items Hale wrote from the home she lived with her parents.

Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney were all nine years old when Hale began her 14-minute killing spree. Also killed were school janitor Mike Hill, substitute teacher Cynthia Peak, and headmistress Katherine Koonce, all of whom reportedly ran toward Hale in an effort to defend the school.

Due to the intricacy and insidiousness of Hale’s plot, a significant portion of the manifesto is expected to be suppressed if it is ever made public.

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