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Kamala Harris Reportedly Donated to Radical, Pro-Reparations Religious Figure

According to tax papers revealed by The White House, Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly sent money to a radical San Francisco church in 2022.

This church has vehemently advocated reparations for slavery and has welcomed speakers who have in the past celebrated antisemites.

The church has long supported paying reparations to African-Americans for their past enslavement.

The Third Baptist Church of San Francisco received a $1,000 donation from Harris and her husband, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, according to an annex statement of their combined 2022 tax filings, which the White House released on Tuesday.

Due to its hosting of the California Reparations Task Group, the Third Baptist Church has played a significant role in San Francisco’s efforts to promote reparations.

Also, the church has hosted contentious preachers like the Rev. Frederick Douglas Haynes III.

Haynes is a well-known ally of Louis Farrakhan, a controversial Nation of Islam leader with a history of antisemitic and anti-white remarks.

Harris claimed the contribution as an itemized deduction from her taxes, which allowed her to offset the donation’s cost with a lower tax bill.

In addition, taxpayers essentially backed Harris’s payment to the radical church since the IRS allows taxpayers to deduct gifts to charity.

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