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Liberal Commentator Anna Kasparian Apologizes For Promoting Liberal ‘Grifter’ Against DeSantis

Ana Kasparian, a co-host on “The Young Turks,” reportedly felt she had to issue an apology to her viewers on the far left for the show’s decision to give air time to the discredited Democratic activist and Ron DeSantis opponent Rebekah Jones.

Jones is a former data analyst for the Florida Department of Health. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she gained extensive media exposure when she accused the DeSantis administration of pressuring her to change the state’s coronavirus statistics.

Her allegation caused a firestorm in the media.

After further investigation, the state inspector general concluded that her statements were untrue.

Most recently, the Democratic activist made a bogus accusation against DeSantis, saying that he had ordered the detention of her son.

On Thursday, Kasparian rectified previous reporting that had been made on her show and apologized for the error.

She stated that she did not feel terrible about having a predisposition against DeSantis, but she conceded that it created a problem in this case because it “blinded” her to the facts. She claimed she did not feel guilty about having a prejudice against DeSantis.

The progressive source was not the only one to repeat Jones’ false conspiracy allegations; other outlets did as well.

In the year 2020, CNN and other major media sources gave Jones’s claims the credence they deserved and raised them to a national level.

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