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RFK Jr. Officially Files Paperwork to Run for President

On Wednesday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the late President John F. Kennedy’s nephew, has now reportedly announced his intention to run for President in 2024.

The 69-year-old Kennedy identified himself as a Democrat on the document that he submitted to the Federal Election Commission.

CNN stated that Kennedy’s campaign treasurer, John E. Sullivan, confirmed the information to be accurate.

Robert F. Kennedy, a former attorney general of the United States and senator of the United States who was killed in 1968 while running for president, is the father of Kennedy, who is Robert F. Kennedy’s son.

A month ago, he hinted at launching a campaign for 2024 on Twitter, inviting people to visit his website to make contributions.

In the past, Kennedy was known for his success as an environmental lawyer and as an author of best-selling books; but, in more recent years, he has gained recognition for his position against vaccinations.

He is the founder of a charitable organization that is currently known as the Children’s Health Defense.

During the pandemic, Kennedy expressed his worries with COVID immunizations, including the possibility that the death of baseball great Hank Aaron may have been related to the vaccine.

At the age of 86, a medical examiner came to the conclusion that Aaron passed away due to natural causes.

This level of skepticism on the part of Kennedy and his organization towards vaccines has resulted in bans and pushback on many social media platforms.

Marianne Williamson, an author of books on self-help, was also one of the first candidates to publicly enter the Democratic primary race before Kennedy.

President Biden, has indicated that he is interested in running for reelection, although he has not yet formally made an announcement declaring it.

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