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Nevada Democrats Seek to Spend Tens of Millions to Give Illegals Access to Medicaid

Illegal immigrants will reportedly now be eligible for Medicaid under a proposed measure that will be introduced by Democratic state legislators in Nevada.

The bill’s projected first cost is $78.5 million.

State Senator Fabian Doate, who serves as the Co-Majority Whip for the Senate Democrats, is the one who drafted the proposed piece of legislation.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Doate provided an estimate of how much the extension would cost.

However, he gave the impression that the actual cost could end up being higher because there is no exact data on the total number of illegal immigrants in Nevada and people are frequently scared to honestly admit their immigration status.

The Medicaid expansion plan was initially made public by Doate during a news conference that took place on the first day of Nevada’s legislative session last month.

The conference was held via the Hispanic Legislative Caucus, which Doate heads.

The expansion of benefits that have been suggested for illegal immigrants is one of the legislative goals for this session that the Democratic caucus has set for itself.

During a news conference held on Wednesday on the act, Doate claimed that the law as financially prudent and “the right thing to do.”

Democrats have a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate of Nevada.

There are 13 Democrats in Nevada’s 21-member Senate, and there are 28 Democrats in Nevada’s 42-member House. Nevada Governor Joseph Lombardo is a Republican.

If Governor Lombardo were to veto the measure while the legislature was still in session, it would be necessary to receive a vote of approval from a majority of both the House and Senate in order to override the veto.

In the event that the session of the legislature has ended, the measure will be brought up again during the subsequent session.

The legislation will likely be seen as a major moment of truth for Lombardo, who would risk massive blowback from Republicans if he chooses not to veto the bill.

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