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Trump Gets Slammed by Critics After Praising Charlie Crist During Anti-DeSantis Rant

On Monday, former President Donald Trump reportedly came under fire when he praised a formerly unsuccessful candidate for governor of Florida from the Democratic party, Charlie Crist, in a video in which he attacked Florida’s current Republican governor, Ron DeSantis.

“For those of you that didn’t notice, Florida was doing great long before Ron DeSanctus got there. People are fleeing from New York to Florida and other places because of high taxes and out of control crime. It’s really bad. Not because of the governor, thank you Mr. President for doing that.” Trump said

“But it’s not because of the governor, Florida was doing fantastically,. You had a governor named Rick Scott who did a very good job. Even Charlie Crist, a Democrat, did a good job and he had very good numbers.” Trump concluded.

In the elections held last year, DeSantis defeated Crist by a staggering 19.4 point margin with a margin of 1.5 million votes, which was the most overwhelming triumph in the history of Florida governor politics.

When asked if he regretted sponsoring DeSantis, Trump said that he did. Trump made this statement to a group of reporters who were traveling on his plane.

He added that DeSantis was “dead as a dog” when he received the president’s endorsement in 2018.

The most recent assault that Trump made against DeSantis drew broad criticism from people who identify with the political right.

Conservatives influencers across the spectrum were quick to condemn Trump’s comments:

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