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CNBC Host Jim Cramer Recommended Viewers Buy Silicon Valley Bank Stock Before Collapse

CNBC analyst Jim Cramer is now reportedly ridiculed on social media after a clip that resurfaced showing the host of “Mad Money” recommending that viewers buy shares of Silicon Valley Bank’s parent company, which owns the tech-driven commercial lender that abruptly failed on Friday.

The clip was posted on social media after it was originally broadcast on CNBC.

Among blue-chip companies like as Meta, Tesla, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Norwegian Cruise Line, Cramer named SVB Financial one of his “biggest winners of 2023… so far.”

He stated the stock was the “fourth-worst performance of 2022” but it was worth purchasing

On social media, where watchers point out some of Cramer’s market forecasts that fail to materialize, Cramer is frequently subjected to derision and mockery, and this is one of the reasons why.

Cramer made a public appearance on CNBC’s airways in the autumn of 2013 and gave an emotional apology to viewers for recommending Meta stock, the value of which dropped by around 25% in the course of a single trading session.

In 2005, Cramer debuted his show “Mad Money,” which rapidly rose to become one of the most popular programs on CNBC.

During the show, Cramer offers investing advice and analysis in the signature manner that has been synonymous with him.

He does this by employing animated language and various sound effects to illustrate his excitement about particular stocks.

The show has evolved into an essential component of many investors’ routines, and Cramer’s commentary has the potential to have a big influence on the market.

Cramer is well known for his work on television, but he is also an accomplished author who has written a number of books on the topics of finance and investment.

Cramer has been considered a controversial character throughout the entirety of his career.

His detractors have charged that he is prone to make risky investment suggestions and that he is overly passionate. His followers, on the other hand, sing his praises for his boundless energy and his ability to offer insights into the industry that are not always available in other places.

Cramer continues to be a prominent commentator on the state of the stock market and is also the host of “Mad Money” on CNBC. In addition, he is also the proprietor of TheStreet.com, a personal finance website that targets individual investors and offers them investing guidance and analysis.

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