[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

DeSantis Drops Major Hint About when He Might Announce Presidential Run

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis reportedly hinted Thursday at a possible schedule for launching a presidential campaign in 2024, if he decides to run.

DeSantis made the statements during a Fox News appearance on “America’s Newsroom” to discuss his new book and future political aspirations.

When asked about his book’s “Make America Florida” chapter as well as his timeline for deciding whether to run in 2024, DeSantis emphasized the importance of first delivering results for the millions of Floridians who have given Republicans in the state historic levels of power with supermajorities in both chambers of the state legislature.

“So we’re going to have a three month run here where I think we’re going to be able to deliver more than we’ve already delivered. And we’ve delivered more than just about anyone. And I think that that’s going to be something that — you win the election, it’s vindication for the four years.” DeSantis said.

“So that’s going to be my focus, then when we get on the other side of that, assuming we’ve been successful, we’ll take a look at what that would mean for national,” he continued.

DeSantis’s statement could be interpreted as a major hint that he plans on announcing a run for president in 2024 after Florida’s current legislative session ends.

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