[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Marjorie Taylor Greene to Introduce Bill to Audit Billions in Aide Given to Ukraine Since Start of War with Russia

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) reportedly said on Thursday that she intends to file legislation to require an audit of the billions of dollars in aid that the US has supplied to Ukraine in its year-long conflict with Russia.

“It’s going to force Congress to give the American people an audit. And that is exactly what the American people need, an audit of Ukraine, because we have no idea where all this money’s going.” Greene announced during an appearance on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Greene plans to propose an investigation resolution in the House on Friday, the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A resolution of inquiry is a procedure used by the House to obtain information from the executive branch.

The Georgia Republican emphasized that she sponsored the identical resolution in the last House and had unanimous Republican support.

The GOP, however, did not have a majority in the House at the time.

House Republicans, including Greene, have already stated their intention to reduce funding to Ukraine.

Greene vowed that if the Republicans win the midterm elections in November, no further money will be sent to Ukraine.

The U.S. has spent approximately 200 billion dollars so far supporting the Eastern European nation, a figure which will likely continue to grow as the war continues on with no end in sight.

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