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Serial Liar Rep. George Santos Cancels Interview With Don Lemon Over Nikki Haley Remarks

It appears that even the notorious congressional serial liar George Santos has had enough of CNN host Don Lemon.

The Long Island lawmaker known for embellishing reportedly canceled an exclusive interview with the struggling CNN anchor following the latter’s widely criticized sexist remarks regarding former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Instead, Santos chose to speak with Post writer Piers Morgan.

“We heard the comments and it was in very poor taste and we did not wish to do a sit-down with someone who could speak ill of women in that regard,” a spokesman for Santos said.

“It shouldn’t matter if it’s a Republican or Democratic woman running for public office, but we’re not going to sit down with someone who would say such horrible things.” they continued.

Lemon was compelled to apologize for his on-air statements against Haley, 51, who had just started her presidential campaign.

He made the remarks on Thursday’s “CNN This Morning,” telling co-hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins that once a woman is past her 30’s or 40’s she is no longer in her “prime.”

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