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Don Lemon Sings Black National Anthem on Air

On Friday, CNN anchor Don Lemon reportedly serenaded the network’s audience with a version of “Lift Every Voice,” largely regarded as the Black national anthem.

Lemon broke out in song during a filmed interview with actor and singer Sheryl Lee Ralph, who will perform the song before Sunday’s Super Bowl.

“Yeah, look, that we sang that every — not every day, but we sang it a lot. I went to an all Black Catholic school when I was a kid. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to parochial school, and it was an all Black school because this was right after desegregation in the South. I think it was maybe ten years or so that my high school was desegregated before I went to it. But, so I learned that song … when it started to become the Black national anthem.” Lemon said.

Lemon was chosen by incoming CNN President Chris Licht last year, along with Harlow and reporter Kaitlin Collins, to lead a redesigned morning news program amid ratings troubles.

Lemon has become known for his bombastic far-left views in recent years. Being one of the most prominent voices in cable news to vehemently oppose former President Trump and his conservative allies.

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