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Lawmakers In Red State Seek to Abolish Columbus Day

A plan sponsored in Tennessee by state Sen. London Lamar and Rep. Joe Towns Jr. now reportedly proposes scrapping the Columbus Day holiday in favor of a day off the Monday after the big game.

According to statistics, the Monday following the Super Bowl has usually been one of the least productive work days in the United States.

As a result, one state is proposing to give most employees the day off.

Making the day following Super Bowl Sunday an official holiday is not an entirely novel notion.

On average, almost 100 million people watch the highly anticipated game. Depending on the time zone, the game might keep fans up late.

Many football enthusiasts, halftime show performers, and others who just want to watch the ads arrange parties with chicken wings, dips, and a variety of special game day foods.

The federal government has yet to endorse making the Monday following the Super Bowl a holiday.

In 2013, a petition was begun urging the White House to declare the day a national holiday, but it did not achieve the needed number of signatures.

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