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Matt Schlapp Sued by Former Herschel Walker Aide Over Alleged Inappropriate Touching

Matt Schlapp, a leading Republican political operative, and his wife Mercedes Schlapp, a former Donald Trump campaign employee, are reportedly now being sued by a former Herschel Walker campaign staffer over sexual assault accusations.

Schlapp’s lawyer said on Tuesday that his clients refute the allegations and are evaluating “counter-lawsuit possibilities.”

The former Walker worker, who filed the case anonymously, is suing the Schlapps for $9.4 million in damages, claiming that not only did Matt Schlapp conduct sexual violence, but he and his wife also defamed him later.

The complaint follows allegations made earlier this month by a former Walker campaign employee that Schlapp sexually attacked him in Georgia in October while Schlapp was campaigning for the Republican Senate candidate.

The male aide claimed Schlapp groped and fondled his crotch without his consent when taking Schlapp back to his hotel on Oct. 19.

Schlapp is accused of placing his hand on the worker’s leg before violently fondling the aide’s genital area in a protracted manner while the staffer was immobilized with dread and panic.

Schlapp allegedly then asked the man to join him in his hotel room, but he declined

According to a source close to the campaign, Herschel Walker himself was made aware of the incident and urged another staff member to put the alleged victim in touch with the campaign’s attorney to provide legal assistance.

The Walker campaign also reportedly offered to pay for the cost of therapy for the victim.

In his lawsuit, the worker claims that he was defamed by both the Schlapps and Republican operatives affiliated with them, and provided a screenshot of a text sent by Mercedes Schlapp along with other evidence to prove it.

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