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Megyn Kelly Announces Sudden Death of Her Sister

Megyn Kelly, a podcast host, said on Monday that her sister died unexpectedly over the weekend.

Kelly stated that she learned of the tragedy on Friday and immediately hurried home to visit her mother, Linda Kelly, and her siblings.

“Something really sad happened in my family over the weekend. My sister died. She was 58. Her name was Suzanne Crossley, and she died Friday suddenly of a heart attack.” Kelly announced mournfully.

Kelly went on to note that the sister in question “hasn’t been in very good health the past couple of years.”

In spite of that Kelly stated that death was still “sudden and unexpected.”

The funeral is set to take place on Tuesday.

Kelly went on to say that the event was ‘extremely emotional’ and served as a “…big reminder to me at how fleeting things can be and how we get upset over shit that doesn’t matter.”

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