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MSNBC Host Claims Republican Minorities Are Not Real ‘Voices of Color’

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross attacked minority Republican candidates Saturday morning, claiming they were “not voices of color.”

Cross previously hosted Elie Mystal, who attacked Republican senatorial candidate Herschel Walker of Georgia, insulting his intelligence, calling him a “a person who lacks independent thoughts.”

“Despite the fact the GOP’s racist rhetoric has not slowed at all, they have begun hyping up, get this, their ‘diverse’ candidates. According to numbers provided by the National Republican Congressional Committee, 80 Republican incumbents or candidates on the ballot next month are women, 33 and Latino, 28 are black, 13 are Asian and three are native Americans.” Cross said during the segment.

“But faces of color do not always equate to voices of color,” Cross went on to claim.

Cross has repeatedly made provocative statements that many conservatives have interpreted as attempts to stir up race hatred.

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