Photo Credit: MarkBuckawicki, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrat Tweet About Gas Prices Comes Back to Haunt Them

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee tweeted about gas prices in December and it has come back to haunt them six months later, The Daily Caller reports.

The Democrats were thanking Joe Biden for lowering the price of gas by about 2 cents in December, when much of the country was seeing gas prices climb.

Unfortunately for the Democrats things got worse and the nation is reeling as it deals with record-high gas prices.

Democrats were celebrating the price of a gallon of gas declining from $3.40 to $3.38 from November 22nd through the 29th.

At the time it was slammed because some areas of the country were paying $1.61 per gallon the day before Biden took office.

And things have continued to trend poorly for the Democrats.

The average price of gas on memorial day was $4.62 up from $3.05 in 2021 and in Californian a high of $7.25 per gallon was seen close to Memorial Day 2022.

Biden has blamed the war in Ukraine for rising fuel prices and has said he is obsessed with lowering gas prices.

However, his war on fossil fuels and belief that higher gas prices will speed the crusade towards greener energy contradicts that.

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