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Fox News Heir Makes His Views Clear, Puts Elites on Notice

Fox News heir, Lachlan Murdock, the current co-chairman of News Corp. and the Chairman and CEO of Fox corporation has stuck his flag in the ground, MSN reports.

Once uncertain what the future of Murdock might hold with his father’s empire, it is now unequivocal where the oldest Murdock child stands in the business, the world, and amongst the elite.

A recent speech given by Murdock makes clear where he stands as he lambasted the elite, slammed governments for totalitarian lockdowns, and swiped at the media for Hunter’s laptop saying,  “practically all the media suppressed the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

Murdock even took a shot at the racially charged 1619 Project who has led the charge against America and spurred critical race theory in schools.

Murdock took a stand for traditional values in his swipe at the elite, a group he has grown up amongst and one that now sees the battle lines drawn.

As the new leader of CNN looks to make amends with Fox News, Murdock seeks to stay the course, fighting media that covers for governments and elites in a move that signals some are either against him or with him.

Murdock and his brother James were once thought of influences that would turn the empire moderate but in his statement about the 1619 Project he posited, “How can we expect people to defend the values, interests and sovereignty of this nation… if we teach our children only our faults and none of our virtues.”

Lachlan has never been seen a a Trump insider, and has at times drawn the ire of the former President while siding with former Trump administration members, like Bill Barr who criticized the president.

Whether Murdock becomes friendly with Trump or not, it appears he will carry the torch in the fight against the threats he sees face the world from the left, elites, media, and the attacks on traditional values.

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