Governor Larry Hogan (Maryland) Gives the State's State of the State Address in 2022 [Photo Cred: Maryland GovPics, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

Judge Tosses Maryland’s Congressional Map for Suppressing Republican Voters

A judge in Maryland has blocked the state’s congressional map in a win for Republicans in the state The Wall Street Journal reports.

The judge said that the map violated the constitution by being drawn “to suppress the voice of Republican voters.”

Along with that line the judge claimed the violations of the state’s constitution included the violation of the free elections, free speech, and equal protection clauses of the constitution.

The Democrat-controlled legislature is now tasked with redrawing a map that is more fair and remedies the failures of the previous map, which gives Republicans more power in the state.

The state of Maryland currently has 7 Democrats and 1 Republican in Congress, and the Democrat-controlled legislature overrode a veto from Republican Governor Larry Hogan that turned the GOP seat into a competitive seat.

Judge Lynn A. Battaglia wrote wrote, “In many respects, all of the testimony in this case supports the notions that the voice of Republican voters was diluted and their right to vote and be heard with the efficacy of a Democratic voter was diminished.”

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