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New Documentary Exposes Democrat Donor Ed Buck’s Crimes

Democrat mega donor Ed Buck killed two black men, and got away with it for years.

Buck who donated to Democrats including, Hillary Clinton, Congressman Ted Lieu, Congressman Adam Schiff, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, was a wealthy donor before making headline for the killings of two gay black men in his home.

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A new documentary titled, Beyond Ed Buck, explores his crimes and how he evaded arrest for years.

In 2017, Gemmel Moore was found dead inside Buck’s apartment and in 2019, a second Black man was found dead at Buck’s home, 55-year-old Timothy Dean of West Hollywood.

After Gemmel Moore’s death multiple reports alleged that Buck had a history of bringing gay Black men to his home for sex and drugging them.

Prosecutors declined to file charges in 2017 but after pushback from activists in 2019 he was arrested following Dean’s death.

He was found guilty of 9 felonies in 2021 including injecting victims with meth.

The documentary explores why this happened and starts streaming on ALLBLK the 24th of February.


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