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Manhattan DA Will Not Seek Prison Sentences in Some Cases

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has announced he will not seek prison sentences for certain offenses.

Soft on crime is being taken to a whole new level on the Island of Manhattan with the DA’s refusal to lock up certain bad guys.

The DA will also downgrade certain felonies, according to reports, to include armed robbery and distribution of drugs.

In cases where jail-time is recommended it cannot be for more than 20 years unless there is an option for parole board review.

Shockingly, the DA has banned the use of sentences of life without parole. The harsh sentence is usually reserved for murderers, rapists, and terrorist, but under Bragg even these monsters could be released on parole at some point.

Only time will tell if the city of New York continues a descent into lawlessness as a result of these policies and approaches.