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REPORT: Jill Biden Now ‘Lashing Out’ at Dems Trying to Oust Joe

Following his appalling debate performance against former President Donald Trump last week, First Lady Jill Biden is now reportedly lashing out at people attempting to convince President Joe Biden to withdraw from the reelection race.

Following Joe Biden’s interview with the network on Friday, Martha Raddatz, anchor of ABC News, said that she has heard from sources within the White House that Biden is being encouraged to continue running by his very tight inner circle, who claim he will win if he does.

“This of course includes his wife Jill who they said is lashing out at those who want him to get out of the race,” Raddatz said.

It is now being alleged that, in the days preceding the party convention, Biden’s family is attempting to box out those who are leaking to the media and attempting to undermine the president by consolidating power within his campaign and administration.

Hunter Biden, a crack cocaine addict who was convicted of a felony, was reportedly told at White House meetings this week that this is just the beginning of what is expected to be a deeper Biden family involvement in the administration and on the campaign trail eventually.

The president is reportedly being prevented from withdrawing from the presidential race by Jill and Hunter in particular.

It has been claimed that the Biden family is debating which advisors to fire in an attempt to turn the tables and shift the focus away from Biden’s recent difficulties.

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