[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore]

Biden Staffer Submits Resignation to Protest White House Support for Israel

Lily Greenberg Call, a political appointee in the Biden administration, was the first Jewish staff member to tender her resignation on Wednesday, citing President Joe Biden’s continued support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

“I can no longer in good conscience continue to represent this administration amidst President Biden’s disastrous, continued support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza.” she wrote in a letter of resignation.

“I am an American Jew. My family escaped antisemitic persecution in Europe and found refuge in America. They changed their names at Ellis Island and worked as farmers, peddlers, and salespeople. My grandparents could not go to college. Two generations later, I have the honor of working as an appointee for the President of the United States.” she continued.

” The weight of this position is not lost on me. This is the story of many people in my community: a story of survival, upward mobility, and fulfillment of the American Dream. And yet, I have asked myself many times over the last eight months: what is the point of having power if you will not use it to stop crimes against humanity?” she added.

Greenberg Call noted on Wednesday via social media that she was the first political appointee of Jewish American descent to tender her resignation from the Biden-Harris administration due to concerns regarding its Gaza policies.

Since October 7, a number of additional Biden administration personnel have tendered their resignations in dissent regarding Biden’s ongoing endorsement of Israel.

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