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NYT’s Maggie Haberman Gives Account of Shock ‘Secret’ Tape in Trump Trial

A confidential recording between former President Donald Trump and then-fixer Michael Cohen, according to CNN commentator and New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, was “the most dramatic testimony of the day” at Trump’s trial.

According to numerous analysts, Thursday was not a good day for the prosecution in the Stormy Daniels hush money-election interference trial, which is being officiated over by Judge Juan Merchan and is being prosecuted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

But the jury heard a recording of a conversation between Trump and Cohen in which Trump arranges a financial payment to then-National Enquirer publisher David Pecker, which Haberman has referred to as “a doozy.”

A guest on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday evening, Haberman stated that although the prosecution had a “tough day,” the Cohen recording was the “most dramatic thing” they had heard.

 “…It’s been six years almost today that we know about this tape, and so it’s obviously not new to us. But I think when you were hearing it, A, as a juror and, B, in the context of that courtroom, it just sounded very different, particularly at a time when Trump’s lawyers were arguing that this was essentially all just Keith Davidson and Michael Cohen.” Haberman said.

“They didn’t make this argument explicitly, but they were leaning into the idea that these two were just freelancing and that Davidson was essentially extorting Trump. And so that didn’t get dispelled from that tape, but the idea that Trump didn’t know would have.” she continued.

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