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CEO of Daily Wire Slams Candace Owens, Directly Accuses Her of Anti-Semitism

Jeremy Boreing, the CEO of The Daily Wire, publicly criticized Candace Owens for her recent embrace of overt anti-Semitism, which he deemed unjustifiable.

Owens’s departure from the outlet was announced by Boreing last Friday.

The phrase initially garnered notice last autumn when Owens employed it during a dispute with her former colleague, Ben Shapiro.

She has repeatedly used it to support her promotion of numerous anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Many have come to her defense, questioning how a phrase that is widely accepted in Christianity can be seen as anti-Semitic.

“How is saying ‘Christ is King’ antisemitic? The same way anything becomes antisemitic – when it is used for the purpose of expressing antisemitism. It’s like asking ‘how does a shovel become a murder weapon?’ When it is used to murder someone. This isn’t hard. A shovel is not innately a murder weapon. Saying ‘Christ is King’ is not innately antisemitic. It’s all about how a thing is used,” Boreing said.

“Saying ‘Eat some cornbread’ is not racist if I say it to my three-year-old when she is refusing her dinner. If I start saying it as a response to X posts by black commentators I don’t like, it has taken on a meaning beyond what is innate. In other words, it is connotatively racist, not denotatively racist. So too ‘Christ is King’ may be antisemitic in connotation while not in denotation when it is being used to express antisemitism…”he continued

“Additionally, saying ‘Christ is King’ for an evil purpose – like using it as a weapon to express your hatred or disdain for the Jews – is a grave sin. It plainly violates the Third Commandment ‘Thou shall not carry forth the Name of the Lord thy God in vain’…”Boreing added

“If you do, you are a blasphemer and an antisemite and a piece of crap generally, and the fear of the Lord is clearly not in you. It will be, though.” heconcluded

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