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NBC Host Turns on Biden Camp Over Its Defense of President’s Mental Fitness

On Sunday, NBC presenter Kristen Welker refuted the reelection campaign’s defense of the president’s mental fitness put forth by Biden.

Mitch Landrieu, co-chair of the Biden campaign, defended Biden’s mental competence on “Meet the Press” on Sunday, as concerns about his cognitive capacity intensified in the wake of the special counsel report.

“I’m telling you, this guy’s tough. He’s smart. He’s on his game. And as Secretary Mayorkas said a minute ago, when you go in to brief the president, you gotta have your big boy pants on.” Landrieu said to Welker.

“This kind of sense that he’s not ready for the job is just a bucket of BS that’s so deep your boot will get stuck.” he continued.

“Understood, but Americans don’t agree with what you’re saying. In fact, our NBC News poll found that 76% of voters are concerned about whether the president has the necessary mental and physical health to be president for a second term.” Welker shot back.

On Thursday, Special Counsel Robert Hur rendered his verdict of non-prosecution regarding Biden’s management of classified documents subsequent to the conclusion of his investigation.

In response to Hur’s report, Biden addressed the media at an uncommon and unanticipated press conference on Thursday evening, during which he attempted to blame his staff for mishandling the classified documents.

The president subsequently confused the presidents of Egypt and Mexico when discussing ongoing Israeli operations inside the Gaza strip, further generating apprehension regarding his apparently deteriorating mental faculties.

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