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CNN Panel Turns on Biden After Disastrous Press Conference

Thursday, a CNN panelist opined that the White House was confronted with a “five-alarm fire” due toPresident Joe Biden’s confrontational press conference in which he criticized a special counsel Robert Hur’s report on his increasingly feeble mental faculties.

During the press conference, Biden criticized coverage of special counsel Hur’s report, which revealed that he intentionally retained classified documents but was not indicted on those charges.

Hur noted in the report that Biden was allegedly unable to recall the date of his son’s death, Beau Biden, or when his tenure as vice president began.

“I don’t think he did himself any favors in that speech. He undercut two of his biggest messages: The adults are back in charge, by sort of being dismissive. Yes, he was exonerated. He won’t be convicted or tried for this. But there were some really damning things. He had deliberation of Afghan war plans with him, he spoke to a biographer about classified documents who didn’t have clearance. This showed a decent level of recklessness of handling classified information.” Alyssa Farah Griffin said to CNN host Anderson Cooper during a recent panel discussion.

“They were using this bizarre line to say he stepped away from an international crisis, the biggest attack on our ally Israel since the Holocaust, to go deal with a self-inflicted investigation by the Department of Justice,” she continued.

“How is that supposed to inspire confidence? I don’t know why he went back out. He already said most of this in Virginia. This is becoming a five-alarm fire for the White House.” Griffin added.

Jeffrey Toobin, a legal analyst for CNN, remarked that Biden’s verbal lapse could be a significant conclusion from the press conference.

“Mexico? Where did that come from? I mean, that’s the only thing anyone will remember from this.” Toobin said.

The mental fitness and age of Biden have come under scrutiny in light of several of his verbal gaffes.

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