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Trump Predicts Economic Crash Within Next 12 Months

Former President Donald Trump has now predicted that an economic crisis will strike the nation within the next year, and he hopes that it materializes before the upcoming election.

The campaign of former President Joe Biden uploaded a 10-second video to X/Twitter on Monday evening.

The video depicted Trump conducting an interview on Lindell TV, a platform owned by pillow magnate and Trump supporter Mike Lindell.

“When there’s a crash, I hope it’s gonna be during this next [sic] 12 months because I don’t wanna be Hebert Hoover – the one president, I just don’t wanna be Herbert Hoover.” Tump can be seen saying in the clip.

A teaser for the interview, which was released earlier in the day, depicted former Fox presenter Lou Dobbs conducting an interview with Trump.

President Hoover assumed office in March 1929. The Great Depression, which he precipitated by the stock market collapse that occurred six months later, was fatal to his presidency.

Trump is the overwhelming favorite to secure the Republican nomination. Subsequently, a rematch against Biden is anticipated in November.

At present, the former president is a subject of indictment in four separate jurisdictions.

Two of these cases concern his unsuccessful endeavor to annul the 2020 election through allegedly coercing officials in states he lost to tamper with the results.

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