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Fox News in Mourning After Two Employees Die

Fox News mourns the passing of two of its employees in the days leading up to the holiday season.

The director of Chicago bureau operations, Adam Petlin, passed away on December 23 at the age of 58, following a protracted illness.

Fox News described him as “an original” and stated that he joined the organization in August 1996 as one of the field photographers on staff.

Scott states that Petlin’s professional trajectory entailed professional travel to Antarctica and the South Pole, among other locations across the nation and globe.

In his statement, Scott stated that his 27-year tenure was characterized by the highest regard of his coworkers.

Lauren, his wife, whom he encountered in the New York offices of Fox, his 18-year-old daughter Ava, and Luca, his 14-year-old son, survive Petlin.

After a brief illness, Fox News Audio’s Matt Napolitano passed away on December 23 at the age of 33, the organization reported.

In 2015, Napolitano was hired as a writer for FOX News Headlines 24/7, a news channel owned by SiriusXM and owned by Fox.

Subsequently, he rose to the positions of sports reporter, Fox News Audio update anchor, and reporter.

Additionally, “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune” featured Napolitano. Ricky, to whom he wed in May, currently stands as his spouse.

The organization stated that its employee assistance program remains accessible for bereavement counseling, even during the holiday season.

Fox stated that additional information and arrangements will be communicated to employees as they become available.

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