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RFK Attacks Left-Wing Commentator After She Falsely Claims Hamas Supports Israel’s Right to Exist

In a recent interview, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. criticized left-leaning commentator Krystal Ball for her erroneous assertion that Hamas defends the right of Israel to exist.

The exchange took place in an episode of “Breaking Points,” where Ball argued that the murder of the Hamas militants accountable for the October 7 massacre by Israel would “hugely radicalize” Palestinians to the point where they would join the terrorist organization.

When queried by RFK about her strategy for eradicating the Hamas terrorist organization, Ball suggested that Israel could execute a “targeted raid” akin to the operation that the United States executed on Osama bin Laden in order to eliminate Hamas terrorists.

Furthermore, she advocated for Israel to sow discord between Hamas and the Palestinian people.

Following RFK’s initiation of speech, she interrupted him multiple times and attempted to silence him.

“I think you’re filibustering, you’re not answering the question. You’re saying drive a wedge. Well, of course, Israel is trying to drive a wedge.” RFK said.

Ball then went on to claim that she wanted “a two state solution or some sort of a just and lasting peace.”

“The Palestinians not only have rejected that, but Hamas, its whole purpose was, the reason that Hamas was able to get all this popular support and take over was because of its opposition to any negotiation,” he replied.

Ball then attempted to claim that Hamas “recognizes Israel’s right to exist.”

“Krystal — I cannot let you. I just cannot let you tell that. It’s just not true.” RFK responded.

RFK then reported that Ghazi Hamad, a senior Hamas official, stated in an interview following the October 7 attack that Hamas advocated for Israel’s destruction.

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