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Biden Judge Choice Can’t Answer Legal Basics

A Biden nominee for a district judgeship in Oklahoma could not answer basic legal questions during her Senate confirmation hearing.

The questions came from Senator John Kennedy a Republican from Louisiana.

Per The Daily Caller:

“Sara E. Hill, who is nominated by President Biden to be the district judge for the Northern District of Oklahoma, was grilled by Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., on the Senate Judiciary Committee about basic legal and Constitutional terms and definitions — a practice that’s become usual for him in recent months after several nominees have struggled to pass his tests, according to Fox News.

When Kennedy asked Hill the difference between a “stay” order and an “injunction” order — two orders frequently issued by federal courts — Hill stumbled through her answers. 

“A stay order would prohibit, um, sorry. An injunction would restrain the parties from taking action. A stay order … I’m not sure I can, actually can, can give you that,” she said.

According to the Legal Information Institute, a stay order is utilized to halt or postpone a legal proceeding or the actions of an individual or party. Typically, it is employed to prevent litigation from progressing. On the other hand, an injunction is a directive that mandates a person to either take a particular action or refrain from doing a specific activity. 

The Louisiana senator has become a bulldog when it comes to questioning Biden judicial appointees, often embarrassing them by their lack of basic knowledge of the law. 

“Kennedy stumped a previous judicial nominee in March with basic questions on the U.S. Constitution, legal procedure and Supreme Court precedents. Judicial nominee S. Kato Crews could not explain how to analyze a Brady motion and confused it with the Supreme Court case Brady v. Maryland with the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, writes The Daily Caller.

“The senator also left another nominee speechless after he asked how spending $50 trillion would reduce global temperatures during a May 3 hearing. In September, he grilled Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias over exposing pornographic and sexually explicit books to children in school libraries.”

Over the past decade, liberals have admitted that they no longer believe that judges should be impartial, instead adopting “empathy,” also known as bias, as a reasonable approach to determining legal cases. 

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