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Georgia Democrat FREAKS OUT After A Night At The Bar

A Georgia Democrat recently had a little too much fun at a sports bar and was found passed out in the street. When she was awoken by authorities, things went from bad to worse.

The situation has now caught the attention of national media.

Fox News reported:

Now-former Clayton County Board of Commissioners Vice Chair Felicia Franklin claimed she ended up in that state after being given a date rape drug, but police have disputed that, saying there was no evidence of such a substance in her toxicology report, according to Fox News.

Frankling was attending an event in Morrow, Georgia, on the night of Sept. 29 before she found by police lying on the street outside 404 Sports Bar and Grill. 

According to police bodycam footage of the encounter, Franklin became increasingly agitated after officers helped her into an ambulance and emergency staff began transporting her to the hospital. 

In the disturbing video, an apparent friend or staffer of Franklin is seen pleading with her to calm down as the Georgia Democrat screams at EMS workers in an ambulance who are trying to restrain her to protect themselves and her. 

“I don’t know what they gave me,” Franklin says at one point in the video before growing more unruly, noted a local news report.

Franklin was eventually restrained and shouted “get the f*** out of my face” several times toward the emergency staff before calling for her mother. The screaming continued upon arrival at the hospital.

Defending herself, Franklin said she “was spiked with a date rape drug – saying she had had a ‘deeply personal and troubling experience.’

But police have contradicted her account, according to The Guardian, “saying there was no sign of the drug in her system and instead she had tested positive for alcohol and cannabis – and video from inside the sports bar showed Franklin being served drinks and dancing.”

Following the scary incident, the Clayton County Board of Commissioners voted to remove Franklin from her post as chairperson. 

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