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Brian Kilmeade Blasts Glen Youngkin After Election Night Disaster

Brian Kilmeade, the anchor of Fox News, slammed Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) on Wednesday following a difficult election night for his party on Tuesday.

“What an epic failure by Gov. Youngkin. This is a huge loss for him, who everyone looked at — if not in 24, which I thought was a long shot — definitely 28.” Kilmeade said.

This week, Democrats took complete control of the Richmond Statehouse, handing the GOP a serious setback ahead of the 2024 elections.

Voters prioritized topics like crime, abortion rights, and the status of the economy, and Virginia’s off-year elections were widely seen as a political barometer for the nation’s attitude.

Youngkin is regarded as a rising star in the Republican party following Trump, and many analysts and political observers believed he had what it takes to be a strong presidential contender prior to Tuesday night’s dismal election results.

However, as the anchor of “Fox & Friends” stated on Wednesday, Youngkin’s reputation suffered as a result of the shocking bad electoral outcomes for Republicans

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