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REPORT: Former GOP Congressman Now Working With Hunter Biden’s Lawyers

Denver Riggleman, a former Republican representative from Virginia, is now reportedly assisting Hunter Biden’s legal counsel as the president’s son comes under increased scrutiny for his money and the information found on his laptop.

Riggleman is aiding Biden’s attorneys by examining the data found on Biden’s laptop as they deal with Congressional inquiries into Biden’s behavior.

Riggleman also worked as a technical adviser to the House select committee that looked into the Jan. 6 Capitol hack.

In his book “The Breach,” Riggleman, a 53-year-old former intelligence officer in the Air Force and outspoken opponent of former President Donald Trump, argues that far-right extremism and conspiracy theories pose a danger to American democracy.

Kevin Morris, Biden’s attorney and confidant, described Riggleman as a “invaluable resource” and acknowledged that Riggleman has been working with their legal team since late 2022. “We have come a long way in unraveling the vast amount of corruption and misinformation that this narrative contains.”

Morris’ remarks make reference to Riggleman’s cooperation with different allegations relating to the information discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was allegedly abandoned in a Delaware computer repair shop in 2019.

Riggleman has spent months doing a digital forensic study on the laptop to see whether any of the material contained there, such text messages, has been altered or falsified, according to those familiar with his work in the case who spoke to CBS.

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