[Photo Credit: by Edward Kimmel from Takoma Park, MD]

Wisconsin Democrat Tells World How Little She Cares About Crime Moving to the Suburbs

A Milwaukee-area Democratic state senator who was speaking to the Wisconsin state Senate on the projected state budget attacked suburbanites, reportedly exclaimed, “F*** the suburbs” during a discussion about crime potentially moving from the inner city to the suburbs.

LaTonya Johnson, a state senator, began by telling about the children who had died in her neighborhood as a result of gun violence.

She then blamed suburbanites for bringing weapons into the city for part of the carnage.

She also mentioned that a recent report had stated that the demand for more officers was because to the crime spreading into the suburbs from the inner city.

“And Lord forbid that the crime goes from the inner city of Milwaukee into the suburbs. Let’s just be clear about that.” she said.

“It would be nice sometimes, when some of these policies are made, if some of the people that were directly impacted were being brought to the table. And it would be nice sometimes, if when we are talking about these issues, that we think about the conversations that we’re having, because to say that these additional police are needed – what about these babies who are being lost right in their own cities who are born into poverty and then who die before they even get an opportunity to change what they were even born into? What about those moms who have to say goodbye to their kids forever simply because of their zip codes?” she continued.

“F*** the suburbs, because they don’t know a god-d*** thing about how life is in the city,” she added.

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