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Trump Sues Rape Accuser E. Jean Carrol for Defamation

Former President Donald Trump is now reportedly suing E. Jean Carroll, a writer who previously sued him for alleged sexual assault, on defamation grounds.

The jury found Trump liable for sexually assaulting Carroll, but not for raping her. Carroll had sued Trump, accusing him of defaming her by denying the incident. However, Carroll appeared on television following the trial and insisted that he had indeed raped her.

The May verdict ordered Trump to pay $5 million in damages to Carroll, who accused the former president of raping her in a department store in New York City in the 1990s.

Trump has filed a defamation lawsuit against Carroll for claiming she was assaulted on CNN after the verdict had already been rendered.

The lawsuit was filed this week by Trump’s attorneys Alina Habba and Michael Madaio, who stated that the alleged rape was “clearly not committed,” citing the jury’s verdict from last month.

According to Habba and Madaio, Carroll’s repeated falsehoods and defamatory statements have caused “significant harm” to Trump’s reputation, and as a result, they are seeking damages.

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